Our services include: 

     Legal, tax, accounting and employment assistance in Spain, an EU member Nation.

    Processing the refund of the VAT paid anywhere in the EU. 

   Tax agents in the EU. 

   Legal assistance for setting up Special Purpose Vehicles such as agencies, branches or simple establishments in the EU for purposes of the VAT, but without any corporate tax being put under EU jurisdiction, said tax being levied solely inside the country where in force. This vehicle can serve to channel activities within the EU and to facilitate the refund of the VAT paid in other countries in the EU. 

Assistance in Spain as a Center for the Administrative Coordination of the interests of any foreign Company. This assistance covers whatever is required, especially: 

     Administrative tasks: accounting, tax records, tax returns, taxpayer assistance and representation for audits by any official agency, issuing of invoices and tax bills, employment-related statements, government permits/licenses, etc. 

    Client logistics activities coordination (market promotion, warehousing, goods transport, insurance, etc.). Our function is solely to coordinate and defend the interests of our clients who sign contracts directly with the companies rendering these types of services. 

Our aim is to set our clients free from the legal, accounting, tax, employment-related, commercial, administrative and administrative coordination work, affording the companies who engage our services with the possibility of devoting all of their time to managing their own business.

We offer full-range, personalized service.


  Bufete de Asesores de Empresa